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Doing naughty things at Swarthmore: The story of hookup culture, deconstructed

Doing naughty things at Swarthmore: The story of hookup culture, deconstructed

“Fifty-four! Okay, which is not ninety, however, that is good,” Jane declares, placing down the napkin of what she’s on paper the manufacturers of each and every unmarried individual she’d kissed at Swarthmore. We’re possessing brunch in Sharples on a Sunday day towards the end of spring season semester, but wouldn’t trust Jane’s estimate—ninety people—until she had actually earned a listing.

The list integrated people with who she’d in fact hooked up or have sexual intercourse, and also lots of straight female or homosexual male contacts whom she’d jokingly pecked on especially untamed, drunken evenings in the cellar of Olde association or on party floors at Paces or the frats. Jane’s generally Swarthmorean cleverness and natural talent, in addition to a tremendously outgoing characteristics, results in a formidable magnetism, which likely contributed to this lady rapid erectile triumph during the freshman yr.

Even so the name—and the outrageous times—had ceased amassing since Jane had began severely matchmaking Adam, who’s moving across Sharples toward all of our windows desk now.

Jane looks safe and established along with her boyfriend. The two are practically domestic in effortless intimacy, discussing nutrients off a singular Sharples plate or getting each other glasses of juices. Capturing picture of Jane racing to lessons, clutching an additional java for Adam within the discipline focus, or glimpsing the pair of them through the food area, the clothed in another of his or her slightly-too-big tees, ascertain never suspect the truth about the rest of Jane’s seasons.

Indeed, for a substantial portion of their moments at Swarthmore up to now, Jane epitomized the exclusively collegiate freedom to attach or have intercourse without having strings attached. Nowadays, with a severe boyfriend, Jane additionally represents the sect of Swarthmore pupils who will be in dedicated, long-range commitments: she’s “Swat attached,” as some people term some long-standing twosomes. Continue reading

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