1. Someone Carl Allocco 3:26
  2. Ugly Train Carl Allocco 3:48
  3. As Love Walks In Carl Allocco 3:08
  4. Parade Carl Allocco 3:58
  5. Lost Carl Allocco 5:24
  6. Try Carl Allocco 2:53
  7. Fallen Carl Allocco 3:39
  8. All Ways Carl Allocco 4:52
  9. You and Me Carl Allocco 3:21



It’s all pretty simple, it’s not a big deal
You open your mouth – you let the words out
You say what you feel
And their shouldn’t be pressure, this isn’t a test
It’s not who comes first, or how much it’s worth
or which ones the best
And I know, sometimes it seems like you’re standing still
and the sun won’t shine – trust me, it will

Stop looking and you’ll find it
Stop waiting it will come
and stop trying so hard
Stop trying so hard
Stop trying so hard to be someone

It isn’t who’s special, ‘cause everyone’s that
We’re all where we’ve been, on the outside and in, wherever we’re at
And it isn’t who’s smarter, and it’s never who’s tough
The fact that you’re here should make it all clear
You’ve more then enough
And I know, some days everything seems all wrong
well, you won’t hear me say . . . just try and be strong, no . . .

Someone who expects, then reviews and rejects
With his back to the wall, criticizing it all
Always looking for flaws as he’s slamming his doors
in the face that he sees everyday

words and music – Carl Allocco

Ugly Train

Hey, I don’t wanna’ be rude or come off like I’m better than you
But come on, just look at my face, surely this must be a mistake
‘Cause everybody here is so unattractive, it seems so clear
That I belong with the beautiful crowd, but lately that’s not working out

I always wind up on the ugly train where all the ugly people sit
I’m really getting tired of it, to who can I complain
Seems I’m always on the ugly train going where the ugly people go
Maybe it’s the face I show, can anyone explain why I’m always on the ugly train

Here, everybody’s cruel and no one ever smiles at you
Everybody’s skin is gray with eyes that look away
Where not a word is spoken, all together but all alone
Separate little frozen pieces of people carved in stone

Yeah, I’m talking ‘bout the ugly train where all the ugly people sit
I really can’t believe I fit, can anyone explain
Why I’m always on the ugly train going where the ugly people go
Maybe it’s the face I show, I’m a little bit ashamed I’m riding on the ugly train

So take me far enough away from here, take me far enough away
Now let me find myself, my place, my dear
Please just let me find my way

So, I can get up off the ugly train where all the ugly people sit
I really can’t believe I fit, can anyone explain
Why I’m always on the ugly train going where the ugly people go
I really don’t know what I know, I’m a little bit ashamed
I’ve been riding on the ugly train

words & music – Carl Allocco

As Love Walks In

I believe in you, that’s what she said
now what am I supposed to do
I’ve heard words like those before, that leave you wanting more
that promise everything
The hope and compromise that takes you by surprise
and wonders where you’ve been
as love walks in

I’d like to be with you
I’m just afraid I might not follow through
All those feelings to expect, the egos to protect
All that history to change
All the damage that’s been done still yet to overcome
trapped beneath the skin
as love walks in

I’m not trying to confuse you, but every living inch of me is doubt
I could say it to you, but the words just won’t come out

If you only knew
and what I mean by that, well, that’s up to you
‘cause this is not about respect, those feelings we neglect
emotions we ignore
It has more to do with time, spending yours with mine
that place where we begin
as love walks in
As love walks in

words and music – Carl Allocco


Looks like the coast is clear, I’ll pack my bag and disappear
and I won’t come back here until I can be civil
An old dear friend of mine has turned into Frankenstein
And I neither have the time nor strength to solve the riddle
And all the roads left unpaved, detours along the way

Ain’t it funny how people come and people go
And in and out they fade
They’re here and gone, life marches on
We watch them walk away
Like a parade
Like a parade

Looks like you’ll have to wait to find the next best candidate
One who’ll always take the bait and not ask any questions
Someone, someday, you’ll find
who’ll build your bridge and paint your sign
help leave your limbo days behind
who’ll make the right suggestions
And all of the plans you’ve changed
pieces of hope you’ve rearranged (Chorus)

We raise our banners, we wave our hands
Slip into the crowd to make our stands . . .

Looks like the day has come for celebrating everyone
but step by step, we hear the drum and rival to it’s rhythm
We take rejection hard; the compliments, we disregard
Then promenade the boulevard as the yet to be forgiven
You keep having your dreams repaved,
but you won’t find your shadow in the shade (Chorus)

words and music – Carl Allocco


I have no direction, just living life in sections
building barricades and monuments and walls
On the road to nowhere, seems I can’t wait to get there
Along the way misplaced the wonder of it all
I’ve been walking in my sleep, I’ve been careless, I’ve been numb
The man I thought I’d be is not the man who I’ve become
I am tired of waiting for redemption
What’s required – what do you need from me

I am lost, and to tell the truth, I’m getting scared
because I’m getting use to the despair
Can anybody, please
I’m asking, selfishly/helplessly/desperately
Can someone, someone
help me find my faith in me

I’ve been standing softly, hoping time rewards me
collecting evidence and gathering goodbyes
Searching for a witness, someone who knows the difference
between I don’t recall and please don’t ask me why
I’ve been holding on to dreams that have long since let go of me
All the things I thought I knew are now just things I don’t believe
I am tired of all the imperfection
Up on this wire is not where I want to be

Because I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to resist
’Seems like the past keeps getting stronger
Reminding me of what I’ve missed

words and music – Carl Allocco


Are you waiting for an invitation, the writing on the wall
Well, let me be the one to tell you, God’s not gonna’ call
Hey, you need a new connection, a celestial dial tone
but even then, I’m pretty sure He won’t pick up the phone

I hear a lot of chatter and a lot of spoken words
Sentences with adjectives just waiting for the verb
Never ending recollections of missed opportunities
Well, you’ve done enough reflection, man
it’s time to get up off your knees and . .

Try, anything is better
then to sit around rejecting every single reason why
Try, ‘cause soon turns into never
while you’re waiting for that oh-so perfect moment to arrive
That never comes
It never comes

You say how you’ve been kicked around, knocked right off your feet
then defend your hesitation with your clever double-speak
Well, if somethings gonna’ happen – hey, something’s got to move
I see no mountains dancing – so, it might as well be you, so . . .

Ah, you talk about tomorrow like it’s a million years away
and revel in the close calls – the ones that got away
I know – yesterdays are comfortable . . . old familiar scenes
But listen, everyone’s afraid to live a life they really mean, so . . .

words and music – Carl Allocco


I look around and everything is spinning
but I don’t want to brace myself
I see the ground rising up to greet me
I feel dizzy, but I need no ones help

Here I go diving off the deep end
only hoping I remember how to swim
Here I go smiling as I descend
into someplace I have never been
I know I should be nervous
but this excitement I can’t hide
I feel like now I’ve found a purpose
‘Cause there are arms stretched open wide . . . and

I’ve already fallen
I’ve already fallen
I’ve already fallen
Let love catch me

Looking down, everything is moving faster
as if time . . . doesn’t want to wait
And oh, right now everything is different
My old world’s a brand new place

Here I go grinning like a school boy
who’s discovered what he thinks he shouldn’t know
Here I go, like a ribbon on a new toy
just unwrap me and take me home

It’s never been this easy
It’s always been so hard
This time, could it be she sees me
With not just her eyes, but with her heart . . . and (Chorus)

words & music – Carl Allocco

All Ways

No one knows me, they just know what to expect
Well, who am I to disappoint them
They try and unfold me, I just simply watch my step
What’s so wrong with holding on to what I can’t give out just yet
‘Cause who to trust gets hard when the truth’s not good enough
And I just can’t believe in things I’m not scared of . . . All ways

Oh, I don’t know why I’m so terrified just to walk outside
and let the world meet me – who am I ashamed of
‘Cause it’s been too long and I’m not that strong
I am weak, I am weak – but is that so wrong to be
So what am I afraid of?
I’m afraid you won’t like me . . .

People tell me I’m no fun to be around
Well am I here just to entertain them
They try and help me, lift me up when I’m let down
Well, can’t they see I’m on my knees because I can’t stand my own ground
Still, I wave my hand and say, “Hey, I’m right here.”
But, just for once, I wish, my reason wasn’t fear . . . All ways (Chorus)

If you only knew the things I do when I’m all alone
The great big hole inside my soul
I really have nothing to say to you – if you only knew

No one knows me, no one knows what I’m about
And yeah, I’d love to let you in, but then you just might find me out
I’d rather hide behind things I can’t rise above
But I’d give all I have just to see what I’m made of . . . All ways (Chorus)

words & music – Carl Allocco

You and Me

Sometimes you get cold and need someone just to warm you
Could you wrap your arms around my soul
‘cause, man, my body’s warn through
and let’s not talk about it, passing time and blame
back and forth across the table
Let’s leave it like we found it, it’s better off that way . . . how ‘bout

You and me . . . we were like the weather
falling like forever from the sky
and now, me an you are picking up the pieces
we had no one to teach us how to fly

Sometimes, when you feel safe
the past drops by to scare you . . . as if
to slap the smile right off your face
well, turn the other cheek – I dare you
and let’s not tip-toe around it, pretending it’s okay
our damaged little secret
let’s both move on without it to find our soon, one day . . . how ‘bout

But boy, how far we fell
We were up too high – I guess it’s just as well, but oh . . . yeah

words and music – Carl Allocco

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Pure and Simple

Release Date : September 22, 2004
Artist : Carl Allocco

Produced by: Carl Allocco
Recorded at: Compass Studios, Nashville, TN
All songs by: Carl Allocco © Arf-Beep Music/SESAC